Project number: 101132432

Coding Camps

Online/hybrid coding camps will be organized for high school students from Finland, Italy, and Spain (with a possibility for students in other Countries to participate).  

Each coding camp will be a use case.The topics of the coding camps will be: App Development, Extended Reality, Serious Games.

App development

The coding camp focuses on the development of mobile apps, which is an engaging andproject-based activity that promotes collaboration and creativity.

The widespread use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has led to their positive portrayal, even as fashion elements that boost student enthusiasm.

Block-based programming environments enable students to showcase their creativity in a structured setting, overcoming their lack of programming knowledge. The mobile apps developed by students are directly relevant to their lives and can be easily shared with others.

Extended Reality (XR)

The coding camp will be focused on developing extended reality applications.

Extended Reality (XR), which includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), offers a unique way to engage students in interactive and immersive learning.

XR is effective for enhancing students' understanding of programming concepts and practices. It can create virtual simulations for hands-on learning of programming, teach game development in an engaging manner, provide virtual field trips to real-world sites such as tech companies, and facilitate real-time collaborative coding projects.

Serious games

The coding camp will be focused on developing serious games.

Creating games makes the learning process more interactive and enjoyable, keeping students more engaged and motivated.

Game development fosters creativity as students design game mechanics, stories, and visuals. It also enhances problem-solving skills as they troubleshoot coding issues and design challenges.

Developing a game involves critical thinking, but also support multidisciplinary learning providing a holistic learning experience