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Our team

Where are we from?

Our project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Seven organizations in three European countries are collaborating and implementing the OSCAR Project together.  

The partnership comprises a mix of organizations, combining researchers and practitioners with the capacity to deploy the project’s innovative outcomes on a European scale. The project partners bring together and complement each other in the necessary expertise in the topics that are part of the project: software engineering, computing education, software startups, and human factors in software engineering. 

Moreover, the project involves public authorities as associated partners to support the activities of the educational institutions and encourage the participation to the coding camps.


Free University of Bozen/Bolzano - UNIBZ (Italy)

Established in 1997, UNIBZ is a premier institution with approximately 4,100 students and five faculties, including Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, and Design. It offers over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs that blend tradition with innovation. With a strong international outlook, UNIBZ provides multilingual courses in German, Italian, and English, attracting a diverse community of students and teaching staff from around the world. The Computing Education Research Laboratory, part of the Faculty of Engineering, actively participates in the OSCAR project. The lab focuses on cutting-edge research in software engineering, computing education, human factors in software engineering, and software startups/entrepreneurship.

University Jaume I - UJI (Spain)

Founded in 1991, UJI is a vibrant university with around 14,000 students, organized into four main areas: Technology and Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Law and Economics. It offers a diverse range of programs, including 32 undergraduate degrees, 42 official postgraduate master's degrees, 20 UJI-specific master's degrees, and 33 specialization courses. The Institute of New Imaging Technologies (INIT) at Jaume I University of Castellón is an active participant in the OSCAR project. INIT is dedicated to advancing research and development in imaging technologies, with a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all necessary fields. Currently, INIT is involved in 4 Horizon Europe projects and 5 Erasmus+ projects, showcasing our commitment to innovation and international collaboration.

University of Bari Aldo Moro - UNIBA (Italy)

Established in 1925, UNIBA has grown to encompass three campuses in Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto, serving approximately 60,000 students. The university hosts 19 departments and offers a comprehensive range of academic programs, including 65 bachelor's degrees, 70 master's degrees, and numerous post-degree and specialization courses. UNIBA participates in the OSCAR project with the Technologies Enhanced Learning Lab (TELL) within the Department of Computer Science. The research aims of the lab focus on various aspects of educational technology, including Adaptive Learning Systems, Intelligent Tutoring, Recommender Systems for e-learning, Collaborative and Social Learning, Ubiquitous Learning, Multi-agent Systems, Virtual Environments, and Serious Games.

University of Jyväskylä - JYU (Finland)

JYU founded in 1863, has a rich history spanning over a century. The campus is home to a dynamic community of 14,300 students and 2,800 dedicated staff members. Nestled in the heart of Finland, it is one of the largest and most multidisciplinary research universities in Finland. JYU leads fifteen ongoing European Research Council (ERC) grants and oversee the coordination of four Centers of Excellence, as recognized by the esteemed Academy of Finland. As active participants in the OSCAR project, JYU leading the definition of technical requirements and inventing, implementing, and experimenting with platform.

Direzione Istruzione e Formazione Italiana - ISI (Italy)

The “Direzione Istruzione e Formazione Italiana” is the leading authority in South Tyrol's Italian language school system. Its core mission is to support the educational endeavors of local institutions. Through collaboration and commitment, ISI aims to empower students and enhance the educational landscape of our community. In the OSCAR project, ISI will provide strong support in providing visibility of the project results among schools and educational institutions.

Associated Partners

Key persons

Ilenia Fronza

Coordinator - UNIBZ- Faculty of Engineering

Ilenia Fronza is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano in Italy. Her research focuses on Computing Education, encompassing all aspects of computer science teaching and learning at all levels, ranging from early education to professional contexts

Veronica Rossano

UNIT LEADER - UNIBA - Department of Computer Science

Veronica Rossano is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bari. Her research activities focus on educational technology, to define and validate new IT methods and techniques to support learning and teaching processes, in formal and informal contexts.

Inmaculada Remolar Quintana

UNIT LEADER - UJI - Institute of New Imaging Technologies

Inmaculada Remolar is a PhD in Computer Graphics from the Universitat Jaume I and coordinator of the ‘Interactive Visualisation’ Research Group, which mainly researches on the so-called Extended Reality. She is a tenured university lecturer in the Department of Computer Languages and Systems and is currently Director of the Institute of New Imaging Technologies(INIT)

Tommi Mikkonen

UNIT LEADER - JYU -Faculty of Information Technology

Tommi Mikkonen is a Full Professor of software engineering at University of Jyväskylä. He has pioneered online education starting year 2001, when he organized first courses with numerous partners located at different partners.

Fabio Furciniti

UNIT LEADER - Intendenza Scolastica Italiana (Italy)

Fabio Furciniti is the supervisor of the STEM area. He is responsible for developing ideas to promote innovative initiatives and projects in the field of school innovation. Additionally, he oversees the promotion, coordination, incentivization, and evaluation of in-service training for management and teaching staff at all levels of schools.


Xiaofeng Wang


Claus Pahl


Gennaro Iaccarino

School teacher, Independent researcher in Computing Education

Antonio Piccinno

Associate Professor - UNIBA

Berardina De Carolis

Associate Professor - UNIBA

Enrica Gentile

AssISTANT Professor- UNIBA



Cristina Rebollo Santamaría

Associate Professor - UJI

Ruben García Vidal

Project Manager - UJI

Linda García Rytman

Technical Support - UJI Staff

Miguel Chover Selles

Professor - UJI

Petri Ihantola

Professor - JYU

Vesa Lappalainen


Olli-Pekka Riikola