Project number: 101132432

Promoting cross-cutting digital Skills through
learning experiences

The project aims at improving the education and training systems by developing and testing an innovative, high-quality, and inclusive Europe-wide platform for promoting cross-cutting digital skills through online/hybrid non-conventional learning experiences for high school students


Results of the project

Online/Hybrid Coding Camps

Coding camps to promote cross-cutting digital skills


A platform to support the organization of coding camps


A Handbook containing recommendations and implementation guidelines to organize online/hybrid coding camps

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Why the OSCAR project?

The digital economy requires active, responsible, and engaged citizens equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate actively in our society and contribute to developing a safe, green, and fair society.

Digital Skills


Online Education
Ilenia Fronza


Improve digital skills in young citizens
Organize hybrid/online coding camps

Define a platform to support hybrid/online coding camps
Publish a handbook to set up non-conventional learning experience

Coding camps on motivating
and timely topics

happy-young-woman-looking-her-smartphone-texting-while-coding-her-computer (1)
App development to build mobile apps for Android and iOS
eXtended Reality (XR) (including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR))
education concept - students looking into phones and tablet pc at school
Serious games to develop videogame that promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a specific context;

Free University of Bozen/Bolzano (Italy)

Faculty of Engineering 


University of Bari (Italy)

Department of Computer Science 

University Jaume I (Spain)

Institute of New Imaging Technologies 

University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

Faculty of Information Technology 

Intendenza Scolastica Italiana (Italy)

Coding camps will promote digital skills to respond to the requirements of digital society and economy. Young people are expected to become responsible and engaged citizens, so they must develop operational skills (digital literacy) and a solid scientific background in informatics.

The project aims to ensure equity and inclusivity by offering fair treatment and equal opportunities to all participants, including those with diverse educational needs or who are socially vulnerable.

Specifically, the coding camps will create opportunities for girls to learn and actively participate in Computer Science.